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YKK Fastening Products Group

Since the company’s founding in Tokyo in 1934, YKK has set industry standards for quality, service, value, and innovation in the production of zippers, plastic hardware, hook and loop fasteners, webbing tapes, and snap and buttons. With integrated production and supply systems in 72 countries and regions around the world, YKK is positioned to meet the needs of the textile and sewing product industries as they increasingly diversify and require shorter product cycles. Guided by the CYCLE OF GOODNESS® philosophy – no one prospers without rendering benefit to others – YKK aims to contribute to a sustainable society through its products and manufacturing operations and constantly seeks new ways to serve the changing needs of its customers while at the same time investing in its employees and giving back to its communities.

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Erie Architectural Products

Erie AP has grown to become a leader in the curtain wall industry. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Erie AP engineers, manufactures and distributes its own curtain wall systems across the US. It provides design assist collaboration services, in-house engineering services, performance validation, state-of-the-art manufacturing and technical support to glazing contractors. Increasingly tight schedules and rapid building along with a shortage of skilled labor have created a demand for fabricated, pre-assembled products, an area of specialization for Erie AP, and an area of focused growth.

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