Our Philosophy and Culture

  • Cycle of Goodness

    The Cycle of Goodness

    When pursuing his business, YKK's founder, Tadao Yoshida, was most concerned finding a path leading to mutual prosperity. He believed that using ingenuity and inventiveness in business activities and constantly creating new value would lead to the prosperity of clients and business partners and make it possible to contribute to society. This type of thinking is referred to as the "Cycle of Goodness," and has always served as the foundation of our business activities.

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  • Core Values

    Core Values

    Building on The CYCLE OF GOODNESS®, we created our Core Values. By continually striving for innovation in our products, technology, and the management of our company, we can deliver value to our customers, employees and society. Our three Core Values provide the framework for carrying out these objectives.

    1.    Do not fear failure; experience builds success.
    2.    Insist on quality in everything.
    3.    Build trust, transparency and respect.
  • Fundamental Behaviors

    Fundamental Behaviors

    But what do these core values mean on a daily basis? The 25 Fundamental Behaviors that provide the answer. They describe the daily practices that bring our culture to life. Some examples of our Fundamental Behaviors:


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